why use a food diary?

    Keeping a food diary has repeatedly been shown to dramatically help in both losing weight and in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. The simple process of writing down everything you eat helps make you consciously aware of your eating choices.

why social?

    All of the other online food diaries we’ve found are designed to be kept secret. Yet, studies show that people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle far better if they have the support of other human beings. In the age of social media it is important to make a food diary a social experience.

why open source?

    This entire program is free open source so that doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, dietitians, and suppliers of health services and products place a free copy of this program on their websites as an effective tool in aiding their clients.

feed the hungry

    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 1 billion people are overweight and 1.020 billion people are undernourished worldwide. Almost all of the world's undernourished live in developing countries. In Asia and the Pacific, an estimated 642 million people are suffering from chronic hunger; in Sub-Saharan Africa 265 million; in Latin America and the Caribbean 53 million; in the Near East and North Africa 42 million; and in developed countries 15 million in total.

    We propose that those losing weight dedicate themselves to donate a dollar to feed the hungry for each pound of weight loss (or a euro per kilo lost). If you do not know of an organization feeding the poor in your local area, please consider donating to Someone Cares Soup Kitchen.

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