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    This social media diet journal is free open source software. Any website (for profit or non-profit) can freely use it. Websites about food, health, nutrition, diet, and related topics are encouraged to use this software and provide feedback on how to best serve the public.

    The software for this website is open source and free. Find a ZIP file with the entire software package at, including a readme.txt file with install instructions.
    See for details on how to install this software on your server or personal computer.

    Current version is 0.13.

Apache License 2.0

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    DietBear is a social media diet web site that will serve as the center of a network of health/nutritional/food/diet and related web sites.
    Keep an online food diary while giving and receiving support from friends and family.

    Studies have shown that maintaining regular food diaries is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for everyone from top athletes to ordinary dieters.
    Studies have also shown that social engaement with friends and family is essential to maintaining a healthy diet and even more important for those engaging in a diet to lose weight or for other health reasons.
    DietBear was created to address these important needs with modern online tools.
    DietBear is a website where individuals can create food diaries online and share them with families and friends.
    You and your family and friends can add comments, encouragement, information, and replies to each others’ food diaries.
    DietBear will coordinate distributed social media so that you are not locked into one central authority and have the freedom to associate with the websites of your own choosing.


  • v 0.13
  • minor changes to database to include the time and date of original sign up and last login
  • minor changes in presentation
  • v 0.12
  • created a nonce generator
  • increased security of form inputs being placed into SQL data base
  • prepped database for nonce and Twitter and Facebook
  • reorganized all of the files in prep for WordPress plugin
  • minor improvements to change profile page
  • front page starts with a sample meal presentation so that menus don't jump out of reeach after six seconds
  • v 0.11
  • now handle DCMA safe harbor -- see the config file for requirements and to set it up
  • v 0.10
  • art/design improvements (especially in the forms)
  • added new explain section
  • security improvements
  • v 0.9
  • end users can change their password
  • end users can change their profile settings, including first name, last name, location, and email
  • allow choice of welcome picture or welcome text
  • added meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, other)
  • v 0.8
  • added ability to add comments to any meal
  • display comments
  • corrected case of stray asterisk in meal search
  • v 0.7
  • added options to meal searches (start and end dates, particular individual, limit on universal search)
  • artwork and design updates
  • improved security
  • adde comments for web masters
  • v 0.6
  • search all accounts for meals including a particular food
  • automatic setting to current date for last modification
  • more layout and design improvements
  • added switch to turn off the phrase "beta test" - it is the site owner's option whether or not the software announces that it is a beta test version or not - some site owners may not want to make that announcement
  • v 0.5
  • one click access to editing meals
  • admin accounts and permissions
  • automatically make first account an admin account
  • better security for web browsers
  • better graphis and graphic design (thanks to michaelm)
  • v 0.4
  • ability to edit existing meals
  • added start and end date to meal searches
  • more artwork updates
  • v 0.3
  • connections to a website’s existing system for managing sessions
  • reformatted new registration form
  • show meals page either shows the requested results, or if there are no results, shows a random meal
  • improvements to artwork and visual design
  • v 0.2
  • about function
  • allow custom link for about function
  • connections to a website’s existing system for managing visitor accounts
  • automatically entering current date and time into meal input form
  • v 0.1
  • create an account
  • login
  • logout
  • enter a meal
  • view a meal
  • some ability to customize the program for each individual website
  • automatic display of five rotating randomly chosen recent meals
  • basic artwork
  • the ability to add comments to the meals of others
  • connect to other servers (the distributed part of this project)
  • ability to plan meals
  • add custom hooks for website’s own session management
  • use Canadian national food nutritional content data base
  • adjusting automatic current date and time for visitor’s time zone.
  • ability to embed pictures and videos
  • ability to change one’s password
  • ability to recover a password
  • ability to block specific people from viewing one’s meals
  • ability to designate specific people who are invited to view one’s meals
  • search by food/hashtags

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